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Home education options for children with FASD

Free webinar: Tuesday 9th June, 2pm to 2:30  Australian Eastern Standard Time (12pm in WA)

Join NOFASD Australia and experienced parents and carers for the third in a series of short webinars with practical tips and strategies for helping our children with FASD to learn. The closure of schools during these unprecedented times has required parents and carers to support their children to learn from home. While many children are returning to school, there are some families now considering home education as a suitable option for their child’s learning. This webinar, the last in the series of learning from home, will explore home education and the potential avenues available to parents and carers in the home schooling arena.

Please be reassured that, during this unprecedented time of coronavirus, you are not expected to become a professional teacher. In this letter from a school principal, parents are encouraged to remember that at this time, your child’s emotional wellbeing, physical and mental health are more important than their academic knowledge and skills. We are aware that some children have experienced less emotional and behavioural difficulties while isolating at home, leaving their parents wondering if home schooling is a viable option for their family. Other families living with FASD have found this time of isolation especially difficult, with the return to school a relief for parents and children alike. NOFASD supports the individual choices of parents and carers (the specialists in their children’s lives) and we provide information and resources to meet these varied support needs.  

To find out more about this webinar please contact the NOFASD Helpline on 1800 860 613.

For parents and carers who are currently (or will soon be) transitioning your children back to school, NOFASD’s Introduction to Teachers provides a valuable tool for communicating your young person’s strengths and needs.

You may also be interested to read our guest blog by Mama Maremma, who discusses her experience of home educating her son with FASD.

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